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The Boudoir Studio Space

Boudoir Studio is a photo studio based in Calgary Alberta. I've been creating art and memories in photography for over 5 years now professionally, and have all the amenities you need to turn concept into reality. Cutting edge lighting equipment, cameras, and so much more are just part of the formula that makes the studio fun, and a tremendous creative space. Contact me today to start working with me on building your portfolio!

Creative Zone

The space is compact, but it is well equipped with an abundance of professional lighting equipment, light modifiers, RGB options, and multiple shooting spaces to suit a variety of shooting styles.


Costumes & Lingerie

At the studio, you will vind so many interesting pieces to inspire your creative ideas! Wigs, Jewelry, Lingerie, hats, and so much more! 


Why not add a crown? Or perhaps some elf ears? You will find lots of unique pieces to add, including lots of hand made head-pieces and floral accessories.


Shooting "Zones"

Within the studio, there are several shooting areas, including a "high key" shooting area, one for "low key" shoots, a bedroom themed area, and several seamless backdrops of varying colours. I frequently cycle interesting furniture and other props through the space as well to keep things interesting!

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